MacRieve - Kresley Cole

Not my fave IAD book, but not a bad one by any means. I'll keep the review short.

- Nix
- moving the story along more (Webb)
- Will & Munro's relationship
- Ronan and all his trash talking
- Chloe had a spine and a mouth on her
- Will as a tortured hero

Didn't Like:
- Will & Chloe's 180 turns in behavior gave me whiplash
- the overuse of sports/soccer analogies
- There wasn't much to the relationship besides sex (shades of Sabine & Rydstrom)
- forced plot points (mainly concerning Chloe)
- Lack of story when Will was captured by the order
- no other appearances of other IAD characters aside from Nix (Malkom Slaine makes a very brief appearance)