Lick - Kylie Scott
I very much enjoyed this book. After a night of tequila shots in Vegas (been there, done that), Evelyn wakes up a ring on her finger, a sexy stranger next to her and no memory of the previous night only to find out that she married a big rock star, David Ferris.

After the initial knee-jerk reaction to get a divorce, Evelyn realizes that there is a connection and decides to give their marriage a go. There are the usual bumps in the road and extra murky relationship waters they wade in, but the author does such a fine job with these characters that it comes off as authentic.

I liked that there wasn't high drama for a change. There was appropriate reaction for everything that happened. Both Evelyn and David were likable characters and you really rooted for them to find a way to make the relationship work. I hope we get to see it progressing in future books in the series.

The band mates were all interesting and I'm really looking forward to more books from this author.