Binding the Shadows - Jenn Bennett I think that this is my favorite urban fantasy series simply because each book is FUN TO READ. Each book is consistently good AND each book improves on the previous. If I had one complaint, it would be I wish for more Lon and Cady sexy times. The one in this book was HOT, although not as hot as the kitchen scene in book #2. ;)

Jupe rocks, as always. I love how close he and Cady have become especially because of their shared experiences with a shitty parent.

The book coasts along nicely with Lon & Cady hard at work discovering who is behind the robberies in town and then at about the 75% mark, just when you think everything is about to be resolved, WHAM! The whole plot takes a sharp curve and you're left with a OMG! I would say that the ending is a mild cliffhanger. Nothing to get bent out of shape over, but leaving you looking up when the next book will be released.