Real - Katy Evans
I heard folks talking this one up on Twitter so I checked out the blurb and sounded like it was up my alley. Angsty new adult with broken people and hot smex - BINGO!

What I read was a lot different than what I thought I was going to get. Most of the book is spent with Remy and Brooke staring lustfully into each others eyes. The sexual tension is through the roof. We read for what seems like 50 pages of Brooke's inner dialogue about how much she wants his hot sculpted body and continually throws herself at Remy for him to only say she needs to "know" about him. Even when they finally do the deed, I felt so bored at that point I was kind of skimming all the smexy scenes.

The reader knows that the two have sexual chemistry, but there's nothing else that really draws them together. There's no talking or discovering about each other or even experiencing things together outside of their hotel room.

I can suspend a crapload of belief when reading if I think it makes sense to the story but the biggest issue I had with the story was turns out Remy is bipolar and refuses to medicate. He gets wildly destructive while manic enough that he has to be sedated with an injection. Brooke decides that that is not ok that he's injecting "poison" into his veins to prevent him from doing harm and refusing to medicate so his moods are stable is ok. Maybe it's because I have personal experience with this, but this is a whole ball of NO. It's kind of like when an addict proclaims that he's not an addict that he can control himself. I'm not going to go on a huge soapbox here but I just wanted to get out that I felt it was sort disingenuous of the author to portray the bipolar illness in this light.

That said, I did enjoy how Brooke and Remy "spoke" to each other through music (it takes me back in the day of making mix tapes for the boys I liked).