Lord of Darkness - Elizabeth Hoyt
Another quality addition to Hoyt's Maiden Lane series. This time around readers are treated to a bittersweet love story between two heartbroken individuals.

Godric St. John is an older hero who is still grieving over the death of his beloved first wife.

Megs is the young lively heroine who marries Godric only in name in hopes of avoiding scandal when her lover is killed.

Hoyt does a beautiful job of respecting both character's processing their grief and not rushing the romance. Like the water slowly coming in to tide, this story gently eases in. There is the Ghost of St. Giles back story, but I really feel that it really took a back seat in this book and I really didn't mind.

It's always nice to get glimpses of characters from previous books, and Lord Griffin and Lady Hero (and their nephew) figure prominently. Looking forward to the next book...Duke of Wakefield finally gets his!