One Good Earl Deserves a Lover - Sarah MacLean I love that I know when I pick up a Sarah MacLean book, I know I'll enjoy it. While I did enjoy the previous book just a teansy bit more, I found myself smiling throughout this one a whole lot.

Pippa is just so charmingly clueless - a case of book smart, not street smart. I very much enjoyed that however "green" she was, she wasn't timid nor shied away from the unknown.

And this is where I was a teasny disappointed - Cross wasn't as strong of a hero as I thought he should have been. Instead of dark and brooding, he came off as pissy and whiny. Also, I thought the Digger plot was kind of unnecessary, but that's splitting hairs.

All in all, another satisfying edition to the series. Bring on Chase's book!