A Beautiful Lie (Playing with Fire Series) (Volume 1) - T.E. Sivec
This book could have been a lot better.

I enjoyed the storyline and plot. I'm a huge sucker for the friends to lovers trope. I love a strong military man.

What I didn't enjoy was the for the first half of the book I was told what each of the characters were feeling, almost ad nauseam. I get that the main characters were struggling with their feelings for each other but I don't think it was necessary to tell the reader that over and over. Also, and this is total nit picking, if an author is introducing a character as being as specialized as a Navy SEAL, I would hope that his actions would reflect that and I just didn't see that either.

Having said that, when the story got more dialog and action heavy, everything flowed. I hope that the author will continue to work and refine her skills, because when she's got it going on, it's all happening.